Sing, O’ Pharisee

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This EP…

I’ll be honest and say that on the surface this may not strike as “old Poor Folks.” … But for many of you, this is the Poor Folks that you always came to see, but we never fully gave to you. There are elements here that we felt too much pressure to suppress before in favor of “rocking,” and let me say, this feels better.

This EP is easily the most open and raw we’ve ever been. That’s one reason I’ve been so nervy lately. This one has to mean something, but I have no control over that. Today it fully leaves our hands. It doesn’t really matter what I meant by “Those strengths so fickle wield strange abuse” or “take your fill, It’ll starve out the shame” or what have you. The songs and their meanings are now yours! I didn’t understand all of the lyrics anyway…

I love this band.

I’ve always made CDs of my recordings, so it was a crazy thing to realize awkwardly that there’s no real place to put acknowledgements and thank-yous with a digital release… So here are mine:

  • Jared Mitchkioski played drums on the album and KILLED it. He brought an incredible feel to these songs, and despite working with very little (just some bare-bones acoustic tracks and a click), he instinctively knew what to do to make it awesome! Thanks so much Jared! … And sorry about the fender-bender…
  • Seth Garrido played sax on Rise, and brought that song to another level. What an amazing of a musician to work with. He knew better than I did what ought to be there, and took my foggy picture and basically nailed it the first try. Then proceeded to give us a ridiculous amount of perfect takes. Thank you so much Seth! I hope you love the track!
  • Kevin Bailey, surprise surprise… Believe it or not, that call a few months back was just what I needed to push me back into finishing this. I don’t think I would have come back to this shelved project if you hadn’t called to just check in to encourage me. I really appreciate it.
  • My incredible wife Ana never batted an eye at any of those recording bills. She never made me feel like the songs were less than stellar, even in the early stages where they were so barely formed. At the same time, she never patronized me. She just believed this needed to happen, and believed that it would work out. This was a tough project, but she modeled such a faith, and I’m grateful. I love you Ana!
  • Chad Yenney was the perfect recording engineer/producer (he also did the album art. So awesome). His ear was miles beyond mine, and seemed to get the vision immediately (which, you should have heard the rough stuff… Kind of out there…). I’m also amazed at the fact that he made me believe he loved the songs every second of the process. His input was always spot on, and he never let anything get in the way of the best. This guy went so far above and beyond, and he’s the single reason these songs sound as good as they do. Chad, I can’t thank you enough, man.
  • And of course Shawn Sanders played bass, and was essential to this project. He did a stellar job on his parts, and was a huge help in crafting these songs. This band can’t exist without him, and I trust his ear for song structure and parts more than anyone’s. I hope to be playing shows with him into our 80s. So glad to get to share this with you, man.

The album was recorded and engineered by Chad Yenney, and mastered by Troy Glessner at S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Studios in Seattle. Cover art by Chad Yenney, edited by Brian Bailey. All songs written by Brian Bailey and arranged by Poor Folks, Live Well.

I hope you all enjoy this collection of songs. Just soak, and I bet you’ll feel clean.

Bless the ears that listen.

-Brian Bailey

More Little Bits

The voices spoke to me this morning and reminded me that it’s time to update the news.

That’s not creepy at all.

Great stuff: First, we’ll be kicking off the Summer Concert Series at Centennial Park on the bill with Modern Kin (formerly Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives). July 5th at 7:00pm. Can’t wait! Gonna be awesome.

Also, we have booked a show at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA with our friends The Jesus Rehab and The Hoot Hoots on September 5th. Some good advance notice there for anyone on the other side to get ready to make the trip. It’ll be more than worth it! And I promise some new songs. There. How’s that?

I’ll keep you posted on more as they become finalized. In the meantime, you’ve seen our new music video, yes?

One more important thing: We’ve always wanted to press a vinyl record, but the idea’s always been a bit pricy. Pricy and a bit beyond our experience, despite the fact that all of us could be described as vinyl “connoisseurs.” I’ve just been made aware of the site, though, which would make it feasible to make a limited run of colored vinyl that will go to all subscribers of the site. Check it out, as it’s one of the better ideas I’ve heard in a while. It’s a very exciting idea on both sides of the map. I’m can’t wait to get my subscription rolling!

There, I’ve said my piece. Or two pieces. Warm gestures everyone.

Pwr: on.

Well hello, I didn’t see you there!

Writing when I should be working… Not smart because I’m pretty sure my boss reads these. The roaster’s warming up, Darren! … I just wanted to make a quick note since caffeine’s pumping through my veins and I feel inspired.

Item! Yep, secret’s out, we’ve got a couple new songs that are coming along beautifully. This is very exciting because it seems we’re breaking through the difficulties of living so far apart. Been racking up some mileage driving to and from Seattle for practices and such, and we’ve now got a couple of exciting new songs to show for it… Finally.

And it’s not stopping there. There are a couple of other ideas that just need Mat and Shawn’s critical eye and they’ll be ready for public consumption also. Woot. This is good news.

Item! Shawn got a motorcycle! And has now christened the beast in blood! I hope his hand’s okay… We’ve seen pictures and none of us are really sure if he even has any fingers anymore. Sounds like Shawn’s even doubtful. I’m remaining hopeful though. I’m confident that even if not, like a lizard he’ll grow them back…

Dammit Shawn, they’d better!

Item! Brian has gone fully tube! Got the Fender Bassman up and working and there’s a little more crunch where there used to be no crunch. The Line 6 is no longer needed so I’ll be selling that wonderful machine soon. So if anyone’s interested, I can vouch for her. she’s treated me well.

And finally: Item! Mat is a great fit and an awesome drummer! The latest writing process has clinched it. And the guy’s got more industry experience than the other two of us combined. The Poor boys are still poor… But at least we know what we’re doing a little better than before.

Final word: Final two words:

Salman Rushdie



Warm gestures.


Musings and updates from yours truly

Today’s musings include jellyfish stings (Odd animal to possess a gelatinous translucent body, tassels, and stinging tentacles — and that’s all. Basically just floating punishment), Bill Murray (At least a few hours a week), and our show on Feb 1 at the Urban Onion in Olympia opening for Simon the Leper and, wait, what?! LISTENER?

Yeah, gotta say, I’ve been a fan of Listener for a couple years now and it’s an extreme honor to be able to share the stage with him. Not to overshadow the fact that Simon the Leper is one of our best band-friends (I think I just coined another term!) and it’s been a long time since we’ve been even in the same city.

Excitement all around!

You know, maybe I need to back up… Actually a lot’s happened since last updates. To be honest, for the past couple months I haven’t known what to say. I keep getting to the point in this band where all seems to be lost — But then something pulls things back together. I’m happy to say God wants us to continue, I guess, because things have been pulled back together and, although I have no idea what’s in store in the long run, signs are pointing up.

The main new thing: Mat Allen has joined us as our new drummer. The guy’s been doing amazing things for us and although there is now roughly 150 miles separating me from the other two members of the band, we’re back to practicing regularly and shows are coming from out of nowhere (keep checking facebook for details on all that).

A lot still needs to be worked out, such as how to write new material… funny how debilitating it is when you become dependent on old ways. However, ideas keep coming. They just need to be organized. … I have no idea how to organize them.

But, I won’t trouble you with that. There will be new songs. And I hope soon. Until then, here’s the show list that I have yet to update elsewhere (geez. I suck).

2/1 The Urban Onion in Olympia
     8:00 PM, All Ages, $5     W/ Listener and Simon the Leper
2/7 The Skylark Cafe in Seattle
     8:00 PM, 21+, $5    W/ Simon The Leper
3/1 Caffe Mela in Wenatchee
     8:00 PM, All Ages, $??    W/ Dylan Morrison and Nick Foster
4/20 Darrell’s Tavern in Seattle
     8:00 PM, 21+, $??   W/ The Jesus Rehab, Julia Massey, and The Torn ACLs

And a lot more in the works.

Now to update other things… Warm gestures, everyone.

Oh, and a Listener video to whet the appetite:

Google will never last.

Hello all!

I would like to send out our warmest gestures to everyone for the incredible response we’ve gotten over our new EP. We’ve already made a dent in our inventory (which took a long while last time) and I’ve already had to send another package of CDs to CD Baby for physical sale (I’ve never had to do that before. It feels good). I gotta say, it was a huge relief to get them back from print and see that it all worked out. You don’t always know what you’re going to get. Fortunately it looks even better than it did on the screen. Whew!

That said, if you haven’t gotten it yet, we’ve got CDs available at Caffe Mela, Hastings in Wenatchee and They will, of course, be available at the show with PATRICK FOSTER & THE LOCOMOTIVE on November 10th and, I’m hoping to have downloads on (should have been up by now) iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon very soon.

Thank you for the endorsement, David Hasselhoff. I’m a big fan.

Speaking of The Hoff, I was looking forward to seeing him in Expendables 2. And then was extremely disappointed.

Folks, it really does mean a lot. It’s easy sometimes to get too close to a product. We’ve been slaving at these four songs for just so long that it can be hard to step back and be critical at this point. Things have gotten exciting again. Lots new. Can’t wait to share more.

Warm gestures to you all!

Little Hops (not grain)

We’ve learned over the past few album projects that these things take a lot more time than we would ever think. For this one we thought, “Yeah, shouldn’t be long. Only four songs and we know them backwards and forwards. We’ll just fire them out and the collection should be out in a couple months!” A full season later, we’re seeing things come together into the beautiful mess that will be “Forty Years of Famine.” Lots of pieces still left to tie together but we’re talking weeks here, folks. I know better than to put a release date on it yet (I won’t hesitate to elongate the process if a piece seems wrong), but I will have one for you within a week. Until then, I hope these pictures from Chad Yenney (our recording engineer) help to satiate the extreme animal hunger that I’m sure is ravaging your core: 



Still hungry? Maybe have a sandwich.

There’s a lot more I can talk about right now but we’ll go ahead and leave it there. I hope to have more info about a music video soon too but maybe it’s too early to talk about such things. Hush hush delete delete!

Folks, you’re wonderful. Thanks for being so patient and I hope to have an album in each of your hands by the beginning of September at the very latest. Keep checking! This is where things begin to pick up!

Warm gestures everyone!


The warmest of gestures.

What’s the word for today? “Slapnack.” Why is that? Because it sounds like “flapjack” which is what I had for breakfast today. And what is the overall feeling for today? Relief. Because I feel good about the show on Saturday. Definitely the most stressful one we’ve ever played.

The fastball started to curve inward toward our faces at the point that Carsin’s girlfriend Erica called to let us know that he wouldn’t be able to perform (for legitimate reasons which I won’t discuss here) a very short time before we were set for our Apple Blossom slot. Fortunately, (God smiles on the Poor Folks) Patrick Foster and the Locomotive were just finishing up their set and I was able to rush the stage before Darren Reynolds (may God smile on Darren Reynolds) disassembled his set and he agreed to step in on drums with us.

The fastball whizzed by our faces and we lived happily ever after.

It was great to be able to play with Darren Reynolds again and he really stepped in like a monster. He drove each song like a pro. We tip our hats to you sir!


And thank you to everyone who came and everyone who supported us so strongly. Everyone really stepped up and made that a very encouraging gig for us. God knows we needed it. We appreciate you all!

Next show: June 13th at 8:00 at Caffe Mela in Wenatchee opening for Wussy! Be there. It’s gonna be a blast!

Until next time, folks, the warmest of gestures to you all!

*picture taken by Skyler Mehal.

Post a post a post

Hello all you pflwellians! I know how much you’ve all been needing your fill of pflw news so here it is:

What’s that I smell? *sniff sniff* Is it bacon? No. It’s a new Poor Folks, Live Well EP and it’s on the horizon. We’ve been chipping away at it for the past month and things are beginning to take shape. The sun’s rising again and we can’t wait to provide some new music for the musicless (So many new words today!). We’re set to put this new 5-song EP* out in June and I’ve got very high hopes for this new project. We learned a LOT from the last one  and I think we’re set for something sickmegawesome (Q: is sickmegawesome the new EP title? A: No. That’d be lame).

In other news, happy birthday Bob Mackie! We got to play a celebration gig with Jip Sea Party and Bad Juju at Mission Ridge this weekend and had a great time. Thanks to Snatchee Records for being so great and to Bob for choosing us among three to help him bring in his new year!

Something to ponder for the day: Karaoke.

Got a few more items coming up. We may not be updating these webbins much but we’re still going strong. And we’re feeling great about these upcoming projects!

And at that, we’ll bid you all adieu for the moment. Be sure to come see us at Apple Blossom on April 28 @ 2:00 PM. Hour and a half set. That’s a lotta songs for us.


Warm Gestures Everyone.
-Brian Bailey








*SL=Single, EP=Extended Play, LP=Long Play. Keep in mind, people used to buy a lot more singles in the previous days of vinyl. Extended play is between a single and an LP. … In case you were wondering.

What’s current.

Hello there folks! We’ve missed you all. Feels like it’s been a little while (probably because it has…).

So, what’s current? Well North Korea is still figuring itself out, Sarah Palin just debuted a new hairdo, Gold’s at $1616.70 per ounce, Nick Cannon had kidney failure, and Poor Folks, Live Well booked a gig opening for Ravenna Woods.

Just so you know, Ravenna Woods is fantastic. As you can see HERE and HERE and Caffe Mela was fortunate and cunning enough to book them for a show on January 14th. KUDOS to those who made that decision. And what’s more, this will be a chance to be able to bring your PARENTS and UNCLES and COUSINS to see POOR FOLKS, LIVE WELL! Woot? Purchase your $5 tix for the event HERE.

So many LINKS!

Now for a current status of the band: Shawn’s in Seattle, Brian’s working way too much, and Carsin’s taken to believing he’s a German foreign exchange student in his own hometown. Seems like he’s always doing homework and asking for help with his English… Suffice it to say, we’re kinda scattered at the moment but plans for a new EP are in the works. And ideas still keep coming.

In the meantime, in case our album doesn’t release before it, the new Nicki Minaj album is coming out in February. That oughta tie you over.

Thanks for giving us the love and acceptance we crave, folks. Warm Gestures to you and yours.

Crumbs and Crismits.

Doin laundry. What better time to post something about a rock band than while sitting and waiting for your delicates to stop rotating in their forced motion and finally be ready to be taken out and folded gently into piles? Answer: there is absolutely no better time.

So, when was the last update? *checking back* Okay, yeah, it’s been a little while. First off, thank you to all who came with us to Pullman for the Vendetta Red show! Turned out awesome and we couldn’t have done it without the company.

Also, the Clearwater show was EXACTLY what we needed! Thank you all for making that one so fun. Special thanks to MOTHRA. I’m very stoked* about that band.

I guess, since this is supposed to be a place of “band updates” and such, I probably should say that in a sudden turn of events, Shawn moved to Seattle last week leaving us in a bit of a limbo. We all are still trying to figure out what that all entails. We’ll definitely keep everyone posted but for now we’re going into a sort of “hiatus.” Whatever that means, that’s what we’re doing. But don’t worry, we’ll be back.

We’ll remind you before the date, but the last concert booked is at the The Hurricane Lounge on October 15th with a band called Lucero.

I’ll leave everyone with a treat this time. And I’ll try to update again soon.

Warm Gestures everyone. 🙂


verb /stōk/
stoked, past participle; stoked, past tense; stokes, 3rd person singular present; stoking, present participle

  • Add coal or other solid fuel to (a fire, furnace, or boiler)
  • Encourage or incite (a strong emotion or tendency)
    • – his composure had the effect of stoking her anger
  • Excite or thrill
    • – when they told me I was on the team, I was stoked
  • Consume a large quantity of food or drink to give one energy
    • – Carol was at the coffee machine, stoking up for the day