Tidbits and tidbits

Playing around with the idea of a sort of “part two” of one of our songs. The concept is really getting interesting to me and I think the chorus is going to flow a lot like the other… This one’s going to be SICK!

Hehe, I gotta get a job writing teasers.

So, one of our good friends said a little while back “Hey, great show guys! You had mistakes. But they were, like, the usual likable mistakes that make you guys who you are!”

Hmm… Humbling words. But words that we’re heeding. There’s no excuse for sloppiness and, really it’s easily fixed. Just takes a little time and attention. I can easily say that these last couple shows at the fair have pretty much completely lacked those “likable mistakes.”  Feels good say that this band has definitely gotten a lot tighter.

We’ll keep working on it though. And Battle of the Bands is providing a healthy push.

And I leave you with a cooking tip: Don’t spit in the food! It may be okay if you’re the only one who’s eating it but if not, you’re being exclusive. And nobody likes exclusive people.

Warm gestures everyone.


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