No rest for the wicked.

Some thoughts:

Been working on getting some shows in Seattle and Bellingham, and then maybe a couple in Spokane and Boise. Of course, we’ve threatened this before… But this time, we’re gonna do all the work ourselves. And that seems to be the only way it’s gonna really happen.

Speaking of which, we’re also looking into putting on a show here in the area. We’ll keep you posted on this but we’re really excited about some of the bands that will be involved (including one in particular… Hehe). We’ll shoot for November. Can’t wait to get this locked in!

Make sure to come to the Battle of the Bands tomorrow at 2:00 at the PAC! Some of the best in the area will be playing! Don’t miss it.

Some wisdom: A penny in hand is better than a gaping hole in your head.

Warm gestures everyone!
-Brian Bailey


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