Bttl of t Ba/dns

Overall, the whole thing went great. I feel like all of the bands played very well and we feel like we gave it our all. Odd standing in front of the judges and listening to them say exactly what you know is coming but don’t want to hear. … Yeah, I missed those notes. But please please don’t say too much! I’d like people to remember the good!

Really, Ghost Power!!! more than deserved it. I feel like they were wrongfully ignored last year. And this year they really rubbed it in everyone’s noses.

Congrats guys!

Oh, and thanks to Scotty for the hustlin’. We pretty much made a killing yesterday on CD sales because of him!

On a side-note, just talked to Charley Voorhis about getting a music video going! I fully trust this man to make a killer package. Of course, this fact won’t really come into play for a little bit. But hey… It’s a blog. Blog means “self indulgent and useless.” … Right?

Some info you can use though: “Rule #1 in carpentry is that you’ll need to have vision. You don’t need to be 20/20 or anything, its just, nobody trusts the blind to make them a matching set of chairs.”

Warm gestures everyone.


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