Okay, I’m just going to say, been hearing things about the Battle of the Bands that really steams my carrots. Fortunately the right things happened, thank God. DESPITE MOST OF THE JUDGES. If it was left how it was, things would be fine. But I gotta say, one person in particular has been extremely unprofessional about disclosing info. And to that person, if you’re a judge and you feel the incorrect thing happened, rethink the criteria. Ghost Power!!! won because they played extremely original songs and ROCKED them. And I stand behind our music. If you can’t incorporate originality, then you had no business being in the position you were in.  Thank the crowd. They saved you.

Maybe I’m not in the right mood to write right now. I’m SO MAD.

Okay… So, I did have a good experience today. Caffe Mela open mic is back (every Thursday night from 7 to 9) and what a cool group of people tonight… Don’t know how it’s been going on the past weeks but I love the vibe that was there tonight.

I feel like writing new music. And lots of it.

We’ve been kind of regrouping this week (the Battle was quite draining). Folks, we get things thrown at us from all sides and it’s hard to listen to all of it. All I know is that enough people are encouraging us and saying it’s working for them. So we’re just going to continue with what we’re feels right, keep writing what we’re writing, and try as hard as we can not to compromise. We play because we HAVE TO PLAY. We write because it’s EATING AT OUR SOULS. That is all.

And now a tip: Just because you have 3D glasses doesn’t mean that the movie’s going to be 3D. If the two don’t meld together, you’re gonna end with a pretty messy filmgoing experience.

Warm gestures to you all.
-Brian Bailey


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