Between Sci-Fi and Ice Cream…

Hello fellow Trekkies!

Been a long long week. But that’s mostly a good thing. We’ve just finished a new song that we’re pretty excited about, been gearing up for a few new projects, and though some of us have really started to feel the economic “situation,” we’re all keeping our heads up. “Living well,” if you will… Ahem. …

Uh, yeah, Also in the news, we’re now on iTunes! We got no warning about that… Just kind of showed up on a search one day. So, even if you’re not going to buy it, we’d be eternally grateful if you’d review it (even a word or two) and give it the stars you think it deserves.

The strategic bold type is for attention getting purposes. Admit it, your eyes went right there as soon as the page came up.

Oh, something to ponder by the way: Spumoni. And yes, that deserves bold type too.

Warm gestures everyone.
-Brian Bailey


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