Some Tidbits.

I’ll start out by saying there’s no real news this week (on account of Carsin’s damn wisdom teeth. May they rest in peace) apart from the Caffe Mela show coming up on Saturday the 30th. You’re coming to that, right? … Good.

So, here are some mish-mashed tidbits of nothing in particular:

If you’re in Nebraska and there’s a man standing there screaming at a light pole, that’s what you call “cabin fever.” Nebraska’s boring so some people invent relationships with inanimate objects. If you’re in New York and that same man’s screaming at a light pole, that’s what you call “normal.”

Survival Tips: Say you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere with snow up to your eyeballs. Need snow shoes? Strap pine branches to your feet. Or say you’re in a life boat, stranded out on the ocean. Be sure to keep it as dry as possible because if you don’t, fungus will start to form on the skin (bad). And carry a blanket in the car. Especially on long trips.

Oh, and remember, a tourniquet is ALWAYS a last resort.

Who else is totally stoked about cobbler?

If my father had named me Zeus, would I get less, as much, or more respect than I get now? And if I had been born on Mount Olympus would that sway anything? I mean, I wouldn’t have really had a say in any of that… But it would be kind of cool to say…

I could definitely go on but, well, I won’t. I’ll let you go about your day. Enjoy it for reals now.

Warm gestures everyone.


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