So, I’m thinking of changing this to a food blog. You know, discussions on different ways of preparing meats… Curry… Things like that. Like? Dislike?

Anyway, the show on Saturday went really well! It really did feel kinda funny (probably on all angles) having cameras buffering the interaction with the audience, but Charley and his crew ( did such a great job in every way. We are so grateful for them. The rough cuts that I’ve seen so far look beautiful, and the whole crew was so un-intrusive. Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who was involved. I hope you all feel the love! … Oh, and keep checking back for the first video for “Save A Bottle.” Should be on the netz by tonight or tomorrow. Or something.

Saturday will be the music video shoot for Stepping Out, too. Can’t wait for this. This’ll probably take a little while since there will be about fifteen angles. I don’t envy Charley for the editing process. 🙂

After a 8 months of intense study, I think I’ve found a weakness to the Mighty Ducks’ “Flying V” move. One day it’ll pay off.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of these videos. And continue to hype them up to the point where everyone’s preconception completely destroys the actual product when they’re available. I’m good at that.

Warm gestures everyone.


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