Just twiddlin’

Our greatest source of musical inspiration:

That’s right, BUBBLES!

I dunno, I could tell a lot of news and all but of course, most of it’s probably obvious. There are new Poor Folks videos on vimeo.com! There. You probably already know that though.

What you might not know, (spoiler alert!) There will be three more new fliiiims coming up in the next few days! Three more from the live series filmed Saturday the 30th at Caffe Mela. All of these videos (including the official video for Stepping Out) were filmed by Charley Voorhis and his crew (Greg Mares, Kirk Coppock, Matt Shaw, Armando Bendito, Cat Bourquin, and Kathryn Kelly) and in our opinion these folks did a smashing job! Give them a hand! No, really, if you all do it at once, maybe they’ll hear you… Yes, thank you!

My new favorite verb: to “twiddle.” What a wonderfully versatile word!

So, also, one more thing: the official site will be posted soon! Very very soon. Once my brother (give him a hand too) figures out a couple of coding issues, it’s as good as up. I’ll let you know as soon as it happens. It’s gonna be dope.

May the wind be always at your back. And warm gestures to you.
-Brian Bailey


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