Hey hey!

Gotta say, it was a great and eventful weekend. We all headed up to Ellensburg for the house show on Saturday and the three of us all got a different story out of it since we all (for some reason) went up separately. Carsin blew a hose in his Cadillac Friday night on the way up there. Spent the night in the car since both ends of Blewett were closed around him. He had the company of his beautiful girlfriend Anna though so I guess it could have been worse. Of course, his beautiful girlfriend had the company of a baboon so sucks for her… Ha, score one for the Bri-man. 🙂

To Kill A Genre always rocks and even did so without the aid of their drummer or bass player (Carsin had to step in on drums). And the crowd was so good to us. We definitely want to thank everyone who took the time. that was SO needed!

We all headed back that night, and, apart from another nightmarish trip for Carsin and Anna, things were completely uneventful. Hehe.

1: I feel that Ben Affleck’s performance in ‘Gigli’ left a lot to be desired.

And 2: I would have voted for this guy too.

So, yeah, Gonna be workin all day on press kit stuff. And then going to send it everywhere. Woohoo! What a great help Darren’s been, too. Nice to have someone to critique what’s there so far. “No, that’s terrible. I’d never even consider booking a band who sent me something that looks like that. Change it this way! No! Not like that!!” Ha, no, really, thanks Darren. This thing’s gonna look so much better now.

And the website’ll be up this week! I promise now!

That is all. Warm gestures everyone!


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