Irrational thoughts.

Man, I’ve been neglecting all the band news lately! To all seven followers we’ve got, I’m so ashamed. Things have been a bit slow (shows cut down in the winter, for sure) although, you’re all coming to the show tonight, right? Come to the Lighthouse (526 S. Wenatchee Ave) @ 6 and have your face rocked off by Faith In Failure, A Version Of, and maybe a surprise or two. Oh, and it’s free. So there’s nothing to lose, right?

The Caffe Mela show last week was great! Red Means Go was absolutely killer like always. And despite the blizzard, people came down anyway to fill those seats. Yer all champs!

Like I said, there’s not a lot of news for the moment… Carsin’s been playin in the cold, Shawn’s playin bass with War Pony on Saturday, and I’ve been pourin lattes. … So so many lattes.

I’ll post more soon! Warm gestures everyone!



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