Y-mas cheer!

So, to start with, I’d like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! May there be mistletoe at every party, a blow-up nativity set on every lawn, and Christmas cheer in every glass!

I want to give some of you an update/new information: Some band called Skid Row is coming to Wenatchee and it sounds like this is going to be something you’ll probably want to see! I know that nobody reading this knows who the heck they are so I’ll just tell you that this is Justin Timberlake’s new side project with Ke$ha.

No, actually really, freaking Skid Row’s coming to town in February! Fill the Silence and their manager Paul were so gracious to get us in on this show. We’re stoked about this incredibly random info. You’d be a fool in school if you don’t jump into this pool. Details to follow.

As an update, the Lighthouse show on Friday the 17th was a great reason for us to love playing in this band. Zach Rogers (The Minuet) kicked off the night beautifully with some of his newer projects, Faith In Failure brought the fire with their flawless set, and A Version Of shook the house with awesome force. By the time we got up there, I think it wouldn’t have mattered if we even played. We’re so grateful to Jeremiah for all the setup and planning he did, to Bob, John, and Shawn for allowing us to take over the Lighthouse and being so receptive and helpful, and to the bands involved.

Anyone know the best place to sell a gently used ceramic tortoise? Is that the kind of thing that comes up in an Ebay search?

Really, thank you all for paying attention. Warm gestures to you and, again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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