Lossa new

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to do this… Not that I’ve been “avoiding” it per se. Just that I’d hate to become too predictable. 🙂

Sometimes I really have to scrape the barrel to find band news as, usually when I’m on the internet I’m bogged down by the facebook, the e-mails, the website building, the personal accounts, stuff like that. And, as I hate most of that, I can sometimes be completely uninspired and braindead when I get here. … Maybe I should just change the order of operations… Either way, this is probably one of those times. But I want to check in. And I think I’ve got enough “news.”

So, the bad news first: the Skid Row show’s moved to some “up in the air day in March” for the time being. The good news: We’ve finally got some gigs in Seattle and Bellingham! Also dates in Spokane and festival shows in the works! The show dates and places should be on our facebook as these things are nailed down. Keep your eye out.

We’ve had a couple shows lately and I gotta say, things are starting to gel in a way they haven’t before. The show at the Pioneer house last Saturday was one of the most fun ones we’ve ever had. Thanks to Raymond at Snatchee Records and all the other bands who shared the bill with us! And Wally’s Tavern (thanks to Ghost Power!!! for getting us on the bill) on Dec. 31 put a new fire under our feet. Since then we’ve been working in new ways with the live show and jamming on a brand new song that we’re really excited about. We’ll try to have it ready by the next performance. But, of course, you can’t rush stuff like that. 🙂

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, the site’s still down. Shouldn’t be long though. … I wish I knew more about this stuff.

If I were blind I’d probably save a lot on car insurance.

I’ll pop back in as soon as possible. Thanks so much everyone for checking back! Warm gestures to you!


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