Websites! Cashews!

So, the website’s up.  ….  .. It’s up. Yeah, it happened. We won. *tear* … No, I gotta say, this morning when I saw that things were actually going to finally work, all I could think of is those sports movies. You know, the way in the end that the main team wins after this huge upset and the entire crowd rushes the field and the kid who scored the final points is there with his dad and the kid says to him “I did it dad.” And the dad says for the first time in the kid’s life “I’m proud of you son.” – 101

That’s not at all what happened here. But that’s what was running through my head. Victory. Finally. – 17

Went to see The Chariot in Seattle with Shawn, half of Ghost Power!!! (Mitch Wixom), a fifth of Red Means Go (Marcus Hoyer), and a fourth of Simon The Leper (Jeremiah Steele) on Thursday. It’s so good to get a refocus on the way that the it’s all supposed to be presented. I think we all came back stoked to improve. – 61

Do a thousand words paint a picture?* – 7

I finally got a new pedal in the mail! It’s exactly the same kind that I’ve had this whole time except that THIS ONE WORKS! I know you’ve heard me complain about the one I’ve had. I’m knocking on wood right now, I’ll never be complaining about that problem again. -50

Oh, and Shawn got a new bass! It’s lighter than his last one so there will be a different kind of rocking on stage from now on. Yesssss. -28

I’ll let you all get on with your lives now. Thank you everyone who put in the time to read all this. I realize a lot of it was self-indulgent chatter but face it, you’ve come to expect that by now. -41

Godspeed everyone. Warm gestures. -4
-Brian Bailey -2

*Total -311. Conclusion: this painting’s incomplete.


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