Poor Folks, Livin Broke!

Despite the title of this particular edition of everyone’s favorite band page, I really will try to keep the money woes to a minimum.

So, now that I’m actually looking, it seems as though I could say a lot about “news items” since the last update. Pullman was great [despite a $250 parking ticket (last of the money woes, I swear)], and I gotta say, possibly the single greatest fifteen minutes we’ve ever played. Of course, despite that we didn’t win… I’m not sure how to end that thought. But yeah, very cool show. Be sure to check out the band Genevieve, Lion’s Ambition, and Painted Grey. Some great stuff there. 🙂

Workin on some NEW MUSIC! Can’t wait to show you all. These songs will be the soundtrack to your childrens’ teens. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll see what the lyrics will have to say.

So, has everyone heard of this “Harry Potter” phenomenon that I’m seeing so much about? Seems like a great plot for a movie. Can’t wait to see what happens to this charasmatic wizard.

-Those in Ellensburg, check out the show coming up at the CWU Symposium with Red Means Go on April 21st.
-Those in Wenatchee over 21, check out the Clearwater Saloon on April 30th with Ghost Power!!!
-Those under 21, check out the show at Apple Blossom on May 2nd.

Thanks folks! We hope to see you soon! Warm Gestures.


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