Let’s try a new post. What Flavour?

We’ve got a few shows coming up! Oh, and we’ve got a new song also. If I can remember the words, we’ll play it on the 30th. If I can’t, we’ll play it on the 30th very poorly.

Thanks to those who watched us in Ellensburg on Thursday! And thanks to Red Means Go for being so freaking rad. Gotta say, generally our best shows don’t happen in the noon-day sun but we had a great time anyway. We’ve got some pics below. Look at them.

Let’s talk film now: As some of you maybe read in a previous facebook post, we’ve got a couple spots on the Soundtrack of Pedal Driven, A “Bike-umentary” made by Howell At The Moon. If you can, look out for the Wenatchee Premier at the PAC on May 20. If Wenatchee’s not an option, look for a town near you on the “Tour” section of http://pedaldriven.howellatthemoon.com. You can also see the trailer there. Oh, and the soundtrack includes our first ever cover song recorded specially for this project! Get stooooked!

If there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.

Oh, and at the next shows we’ll have our new run of Poor Folks T-Shirts! Hot off the screen-printer. $10/a piece! You stoooooked yet?!

May the wind always be at your back and the sun always gently beat on your chest. Warm gestures everyone.


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