Milk was a bad choice…

Yesterday I got the date of the Battle at the Alamo tattooed on my arm. Right under the date for the next Halley’s Comet. I’d hate to forget these things.

Let me start with this: THANK YOU BIKERS! We had a great time Saturday the 11th at the Kids to the Capitol” Bike Rally. I sure hope we got those kids to the Capitol. All I can say is that I hope that this “Capitol” they’re speaking of is Washington DC. I’m pretty sure I’d feel a bit gypped if we’re talking about Olympia here…

And we gotta say, thank you to the Vogue for having us back on Friday the 3rd. It had been a full two years since we played there last (almost exactly, actually. We noticed the previous concert poster on their wall and it said June 6th, 2009) and I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten a lot louder than we were then. But the staff was great and people were very responsive. We appreciated that. 🙂 Only a few people left holding their ears. … Only a few.

For our next album we’ve decided to go with a nautical theme. And we’ll have scratch-and sniff pages so you’ll be able to smell the coral and shrimp! Once science enables us to get these complex scents onto paper, it’ll be time to hit the studio!

So, gotta sneak this in, for those of you who have lived past 21 years of age, be sure to check out the new Columbia Valley Brewery in Wenatchee. At the end of 5th St and to the left about a hundred feet, just off the loop trail by the river lies a fantastic new spot for you “adults.” And for now, pints are only $3.50 a piece. We’re shooting to play the Grand Opening there (although it’s hardly official yet). Look for it!

And finally, some choice bits from the Ghetto Glossary:

    • BUSTAa person who is fake, phony, or a punk who can’t fight, or snitches.
    • DOME / DOME PIECE-A persons head. Usually referring to fighting and punching someone in the head, or shooting someone in the head.
    • FRONT-To fake something your not. Pretending to be tuff. To not show up for a situation or a fight. (exam. “me and Juan was supposed to go to the train yards and do some pieces, but he fronted so I went by myself”)
    • HOT 110-And old school original graffiti term. When a writer (graffiti) writer or crosses out his enemies name, or a toy (weak graffiti writer). He or she will write “hot 110” over their name.
    • PARLAYIN-Chillin, relaxing

Yeah, so don’t be a front busta. Watch your dome less I hot 110 ya. I’ll see you soon. Til then, PARLAY!

Warm Gestures everyone.


3 thoughts on “Milk was a bad choice…

  1. Kids to the Capitol would like to say THANK YOU to Poor Folks. Live Well. Loved, loved, loved having you! And yes, Washington DC in 2013! 🙂 Thanks for the great show and on a personal note, for the autographed CD! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you perform again! Cindy K.

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