Let’s get down to it.

We’re back with a new post! I know that so many people were wondering what the heck has been up. It’s been a few weeks since the last update. Well, it happened like this:

Brian: Hello sir.
Old Prospector: There’s GOLD in them hills!
Brian: Whaaaaa?!

So, Brian’s just been up in the hills a lot.

But he’s back. And he’s taken to writing in third person.

Information worth reading: We’ve got a show coming up! Come to 10 Below (underneath The Applewood Grill) on July 30th @ 8:00! You know you want to.

More info: We’ve also got a show coming up at Der Hinterhof in Leavenworth! August 6th @ 7:00. We played there last year and we’re stoked to be back. That’s a really fun place to play.

Some other new info that most of you already know is that we’re now on Twitter! Carsin’s taken that over and I’m sure at least 30 times a day you’ll see a new update on all the important info regarding Poor Folks. Just search for PoorFolksMusic.

I’ll leave you with a chart I may or may not have made on Microsoft Paint:

Conclusion from all this data: We have a ways to go before we are as famous as Bill Clinton.

Have a wonderful day everyone! May the wind be at your back and may angels sing sweetly into your ears. Warm Gestures.

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