What’s current.

Hello there folks! We’ve missed you all. Feels like it’s been a little while (probably because it has…).

So, what’s current? Well North Korea is still figuring itself out, Sarah Palin just debuted a new hairdo, Gold’s at $1616.70 per ounce, Nick Cannon had kidney failure, and Poor Folks, Live Well booked a gig opening for Ravenna Woods.

Just so you know, Ravenna Woods is fantastic. As you can see HERE and HERE and Caffe Mela was fortunate and cunning enough to book them for a show on January 14th. KUDOS to those who made that decision. And what’s more, this will be a chance to be able to bring your PARENTS and UNCLES and COUSINS to see POOR FOLKS, LIVE WELL! Woot? Purchase your $5 tix for the event HERE.

So many LINKS!

Now for a current status of the band: Shawn’s in Seattle, Brian’s working way too much, and Carsin’s taken to believing he’s a German foreign exchange student in his own hometown. Seems like he’s always doing homework and asking for help with his English… Suffice it to say, we’re kinda scattered at the moment but plans for a new EP are in the works. And ideas still keep coming.

In the meantime, in case our album doesn’t release before it, the new Nicki Minaj album is coming out in February. That oughta tie you over.

Thanks for giving us the love and acceptance we crave, folks. Warm Gestures to you and yours.

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