Post a post a post

Hello all you pflwellians! I know how much you’ve all been needing your fill of pflw news so here it is:

What’s that I smell? *sniff sniff* Is it bacon? No. It’s a new Poor Folks, Live Well EP and it’s on the horizon. We’ve been chipping away at it for the past month and things are beginning to take shape. The sun’s rising again and we can’t wait to provide some new music for the musicless (So many new words today!). We’re set to put this new 5-song EP* out in June and I’ve got very high hopes for this new project. We learned a LOT from the last one  and I think we’re set for something sickmegawesome (Q: is sickmegawesome the new EP title? A: No. That’d be lame).

In other news, happy birthday Bob Mackie! We got to play a celebration gig with Jip Sea Party and Bad Juju at Mission Ridge this weekend and had a great time. Thanks to Snatchee Records for being so great and to Bob for choosing us among three to help him bring in his new year!

Something to ponder for the day: Karaoke.

Got a few more items coming up. We may not be updating these webbins much but we’re still going strong. And we’re feeling great about these upcoming projects!

And at that, we’ll bid you all adieu for the moment. Be sure to come see us at Apple Blossom on April 28 @ 2:00 PM. Hour and a half set. That’s a lotta songs for us.


Warm Gestures Everyone.
-Brian Bailey








*SL=Single, EP=Extended Play, LP=Long Play. Keep in mind, people used to buy a lot more singles in the previous days of vinyl. Extended play is between a single and an LP. … In case you were wondering.

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