The warmest of gestures.

What’s the word for today? “Slapnack.” Why is that? Because it sounds like “flapjack” which is what I had for breakfast today. And what is the overall feeling for today? Relief. Because I feel good about the show on Saturday. Definitely the most stressful one we’ve ever played.

The fastball started to curve inward toward our faces at the point that Carsin’s girlfriend Erica called to let us know that he wouldn’t be able to perform (for legitimate reasons which I won’t discuss here) a very short time before we were set for our Apple Blossom slot. Fortunately, (God smiles on the Poor Folks) Patrick Foster and the Locomotive were just finishing up their set and I was able to rush the stage before Darren Reynolds (may God smile on Darren Reynolds) disassembled his set and he agreed to step in on drums with us.

The fastball whizzed by our faces and we lived happily ever after.

It was great to be able to play with Darren Reynolds again and he really stepped in like a monster. He drove each song like a pro. We tip our hats to you sir!


And thank you to everyone who came and everyone who supported us so strongly. Everyone really stepped up and made that a very encouraging gig for us. God knows we needed it. We appreciate you all!

Next show: June 13th at 8:00 at Caffe Mela in Wenatchee opening for Wussy! Be there. It’s gonna be a blast!

Until next time, folks, the warmest of gestures to you all!

*picture taken by Skyler Mehal.

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