Little Hops (not grain)

We’ve learned over the past few album projects that these things take a lot more time than we would ever think. For this one we thought, “Yeah, shouldn’t be long. Only four songs and we know them backwards and forwards. We’ll just fire them out and the collection should be out in a couple months!” A full season later, we’re seeing things come together into the beautiful mess that will be “Forty Years of Famine.” Lots of pieces still left to tie together but we’re talking weeks here, folks. I know better than to put a release date on it yet (I won’t hesitate to elongate the process if a piece seems wrong), but I will have one for you within a week. Until then, I hope these pictures from Chad Yenney (our recording engineer) help to satiate the extreme animal hunger that I’m sure is ravaging your core: 



Still hungry? Maybe have a sandwich.

There’s a lot more I can talk about right now but we’ll go ahead and leave it there. I hope to have more info about a music video soon too but maybe it’s too early to talk about such things. Hush hush delete delete!

Folks, you’re wonderful. Thanks for being so patient and I hope to have an album in each of your hands by the beginning of September at the very latest. Keep checking! This is where things begin to pick up!

Warm gestures everyone!


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