Musings and updates from yours truly

Today’s musings include jellyfish stings (Odd animal to possess a gelatinous translucent body, tassels, and stinging tentacles — and that’s all. Basically just floating punishment), Bill Murray (At least a few hours a week), and our show on Feb 1 at the Urban Onion in Olympia opening for Simon the Leper and, wait, what?! LISTENER?

Yeah, gotta say, I’ve been a fan of Listener for a couple years now and it’s an extreme honor to be able to share the stage with him. Not to overshadow the fact that Simon the Leper is one of our best band-friends (I think I just coined another term!) and it’s been a long time since we’ve been even in the same city.

Excitement all around!

You know, maybe I need to back up… Actually a lot’s happened since last updates. To be honest, for the past couple months I haven’t known what to say. I keep getting to the point in this band where all seems to be lost — But then something pulls things back together. I’m happy to say God wants us to continue, I guess, because things have been pulled back together and, although I have no idea what’s in store in the long run, signs are pointing up.

The main new thing: Mat Allen has joined us as our new drummer. The guy’s been doing amazing things for us and although there is now roughly 150 miles separating me from the other two members of the band, we’re back to practicing regularly and shows are coming from out of nowhere (keep checking facebook for details on all that).

A lot still needs to be worked out, such as how to write new material… funny how debilitating it is when you become dependent on old ways. However, ideas keep coming. They just need to be organized. … I have no idea how to organize them.

But, I won’t trouble you with that. There will be new songs. And I hope soon. Until then, here’s the show list that I have yet to update elsewhere (geez. I suck).

2/1 The Urban Onion in Olympia
     8:00 PM, All Ages, $5     W/ Listener and Simon the Leper
2/7 The Skylark Cafe in Seattle
     8:00 PM, 21+, $5    W/ Simon The Leper
3/1 Caffe Mela in Wenatchee
     8:00 PM, All Ages, $??    W/ Dylan Morrison and Nick Foster
4/20 Darrell’s Tavern in Seattle
     8:00 PM, 21+, $??   W/ The Jesus Rehab, Julia Massey, and The Torn ACLs

And a lot more in the works.

Now to update other things… Warm gestures, everyone.

Oh, and a Listener video to whet the appetite:

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