Pwr: on.

Well hello, I didn’t see you there!

Writing when I should be working… Not smart because I’m pretty sure my boss reads these. The roaster’s warming up, Darren! … I just wanted to make a quick note since caffeine’s pumping through my veins and I feel inspired.

Item! Yep, secret’s out, we’ve got a couple new songs that are coming along beautifully. This is very exciting because it seems we’re breaking through the difficulties of living so far apart. Been racking up some mileage driving to and from Seattle for practices and such, and we’ve now got a couple of exciting new songs to show for it… Finally.

And it’s not stopping there. There are a couple of other ideas that just need Mat and Shawn’s critical eye and they’ll be ready for public consumption also. Woot. This is good news.

Item! Shawn got a motorcycle! And has now christened the beast in blood! I hope his hand’s okay… We’ve seen pictures and none of us are really sure if he even has any fingers anymore. Sounds like Shawn’s even doubtful. I’m remaining hopeful though. I’m confident that even if not, like a lizard he’ll grow them back…

Dammit Shawn, they’d better!

Item! Brian has gone fully tube! Got the Fender Bassman up and working and there’s a little more crunch where there used to be no crunch. The Line 6 is no longer needed so I’ll be selling that wonderful machine soon. So if anyone’s interested, I can vouch for her. she’s treated me well.

And finally: Item! Mat is a great fit and an awesome drummer! The latest writing process has clinched it. And the guy’s got more industry experience than the other two of us combined. The Poor boys are still poor… But at least we know what we’re doing a little better than before.

Final word: Final two words:

Salman Rushdie



Warm gestures.


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