Sing, O’ Pharisee

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This EP…

I’ll be honest and say that on the surface this may not strike as “old Poor Folks.” … But for many of you, this is the Poor Folks that you always came to see, but we never fully gave to you. There are elements here that we felt too much pressure to suppress before in favor of “rocking,” and let me say, this feels better.

This EP is easily the most open and raw we’ve ever been. That’s one reason I’ve been so nervy lately. This one has to mean something, but I have no control over that. Today it fully leaves our hands. It doesn’t really matter what I meant by “Those strengths so fickle wield strange abuse” or “take your fill, It’ll starve out the shame” or what have you. The songs and their meanings are now yours! I didn’t understand all of the lyrics anyway…

I love this band.

I’ve always made CDs of my recordings, so it was a crazy thing to realize awkwardly that there’s no real place to put acknowledgements and thank-yous with a digital release… So here are mine:

  • Jared Mitchkioski played drums on the album and KILLED it. He brought an incredible feel to these songs, and despite working with very little (just some bare-bones acoustic tracks and a click), he instinctively knew what to do to make it awesome! Thanks so much Jared! … And sorry about the fender-bender…
  • Seth Garrido played sax on Rise, and brought that song to another level. What an amazing of a musician to work with. He knew better than I did what ought to be there, and took my foggy picture and basically nailed it the first try. Then proceeded to give us a ridiculous amount of perfect takes. Thank you so much Seth! I hope you love the track!
  • Kevin Bailey, surprise surprise… Believe it or not, that call a few months back was just what I needed to push me back into finishing this. I don’t think I would have come back to this shelved project if you hadn’t called to just check in to encourage me. I really appreciate it.
  • My incredible wife Ana never batted an eye at any of those recording bills. She never made me feel like the songs were less than stellar, even in the early stages where they were so barely formed. At the same time, she never patronized me. She just believed this needed to happen, and believed that it would work out. This was a tough project, but she modeled such a faith, and I’m grateful. I love you Ana!
  • Chad Yenney was the perfect recording engineer/producer (he also did the album art. So awesome). His ear was miles beyond mine, and seemed to get the vision immediately (which, you should have heard the rough stuff… Kind of out there…). I’m also amazed at the fact that he made me believe he loved the songs every second of the process. His input was always spot on, and he never let anything get in the way of the best. This guy went so far above and beyond, and he’s the single reason these songs sound as good as they do. Chad, I can’t thank you enough, man.
  • And of course Shawn Sanders played bass, and was essential to this project. He did a stellar job on his parts, and was a huge help in crafting these songs. This band can’t exist without him, and I trust his ear for song structure and parts more than anyone’s. I hope to be playing shows with him into our 80s. So glad to get to share this with you, man.

The album was recorded and engineered by Chad Yenney, and mastered by Troy Glessner at S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Studios in Seattle. Cover art by Chad Yenney, edited by Brian Bailey. All songs written by Brian Bailey and arranged by Poor Folks, Live Well.

I hope you all enjoy this collection of songs. Just soak, and I bet you’ll feel clean.

Bless the ears that listen.

-Brian Bailey

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