Poor Folks, Live Well, formed in 2008, is a rock band out of Central Washington headed up by Brian Bailey (guitar, vocals), and Shawn Sanders (bass), with Jared Mitchkioski on drums.

Poor Folks values variety within the genre with melodies and lyrics that stick. Each song is written with the potential of the individual song in mind rather than squeezing and forcing it to “fit” with the rest. Through that attitude, there are soaring melodies along with tension. Because of it, the band stays interesting. And is harder to peg.

Check out the releases on iTunes and Amazon Music:

  • Our Sore Nerves (August 2010)
  • 40 Years Of Famine (October 2012)
  • Sing, O’ Pharisee (May 2017)

“Great songwriting, hard-hitting arrangements, and energetic concerts”
-The Wenatchee World

“Wenatchee Trio Poor Folks Live Well…” “has left a trail of success between Wenatchee stages this past year, even earning them the title of ‘Best Entertainer’ in Go! Magazine’s 2010 World’s best survey.”
Abby Holmes -The Wenatchee World

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